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Introducing Flourish Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

I am Leanne owner & head coach of Flourish Fitness & Nutrition Coaching. With my background in nutrition and ACE personal training certification I have been helping clients get fit and feel their best since 2018, one body at a time. Whether you want to lose a few pounds or bulk up in muscle, contact me today and get started!

A Bit About Me

Your Body, the Way You Want It

Living with type 1 diabetes since a young age is what motivated my interest in living a healthy lifestyle. I have learned that food and exercise is the best medicine! Getting in shape shouldn’t be a punishment. It’s an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can make. I believe in finding the pleasurable side of fitness; and while there may be a sore muscle or two along the way, the benefits of fitness are worth the discomfort. I have developed my training regime by working with a variety of clients, and always love adapting my program to new clients. Together we can work to create sustainable results! 

Client Testimonials

Just the help I needed! Leanne does a great job, is friendly and encouraging without being intimidating. In addition to the training, she has a lot of knowledge on nutrition.

Tom H.

Leanne has changed my view on working out completely. Before I started personal training with her in February of 2019, I never went to the gym. I started seeing her once a week, which got me in a routine of now going to the gym at least 3 to 4 times a week! On top of her custom workouts every week, she also has an extensive history in nutrition, which is what she got her bachelors degree in. She gives me insight on how I can change my diet to eat healthier, which helps so much. Between her workouts and nutrition tips I lost nearly 20 pounds, and my cholesterol levels dropped in just a few months! I recommend anyone to personal train with Leanne! She is the best!

Katie P.

I’ve been training with Leanna for around 3 months and I’ve never felt stronger. She is awesome at giving me exercises fit for me and what i want to work on. She is so fun to work with and i truly Enjoy going to the gym when i get to have a session with her! She’s the bomb!!

Emily P.

I’ve been training with Leanne for some time now and I am so incredibly happy with the results I’ve seen. Leanne is a knowledgable, skilled and very personable trainer. Her prices are affordable and the workouts she offers are tailored to your individual skill level. Leanne has provided me with nutrition tips as well to provide a truly well-rounded fitness experience. I would highly recommend Leanne for both beginners, as she breaks down each exercise, and for experienced athletes, as she never hesitates to push you to go heavier! Leanne has made my workouts both enjoyable and effective and I’d highly recommend her!

Michelle W.

If you’re looking for someone who will help you meet your goals while having fun, you can stop your search! Leanne has been my trainer for over a year - both in person and via an app - and I am more than happy with my ever-improving results. She is encouraging without being intimidating and takes your limits and goals into consideration. She wants to see you succeed and will push you to your limits with a smile. Leanne helped me increase my stamina, strength, and muscle tone while working on my weight loss goals. I highly recommend her and can say with confidence you’re starting down the right path of your own fitness journey!

Mollie C.

I’ve been training with Leanne for 3 months and let me tell you I could not feel this confident in my body without her holding me accountable! From the workout program to having one on one coaching and even having the support of her other clients really helped me out a lot! Her knowledge of not just the workouts themselves but water intake and a good nights sleep really made and impact! If you have any goals to crush I absolutely recommend Leanne her positivity will keep you going!

Morgan P.

I have worked with Leanne for more than a year now, receiving both in person and online training.  Previously, I would set workout and weight loss goals on my own only to fall out of my routine and lose all my progress.  Since working with Leanne, I've lost more weight with Leanne than I have ever done on my own.  Leanne works with me to create a workout plan that supports my weight loss goals.  She also encourages me to challenge myself more than if I had been on my own.  I truly feel the key to my success so far has been the added accountability and support that comes with having a personal trainer like Leanne.  Leanne is also very flexible, and has adapted a workout routine that fits my goals.  I'm very excited to continue working with her for 2021!

Phylicia W.

When I first decided I was going to lose the weight that had been defining my self worth for more than two decades, I had no idea how to start. I knew I didn’t want to be “skinny” but have more of a muscular build. I followed bad diet advice, and cut too many calories. I was always hungry, had low energy and very discouraged. 

I thought it might be helpful to join a Facebook page with people who were in the same situation as myself. From there, I met Leanne Matthews. After my first few conversations with her, I felt she truly understood exactly what I wanted. She helped me to understand my caloric intake and why a proper balance is so important. 

Within a few weeks, I had the Energy I needed to finish my workout sets and even started to add more weight. I was finally building the muscle and losing the weight I had struggled with for so long. If I hadn’t found Leanne, I don’t believe I would have ever been put on the right path to achieve my goals. Weight loss is a struggle, but with the right coaching it’s definitely achievable.

Rachel R.


Outdoor Fitness

1:1 Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

Custom Macros
Education on how to track macros and use MFP 
Nutritional tips and support (Recipes & meal ideas)
3-6 day workout splits
Coach's cell number for daily support
Weekly check-ins via voice memos
24hr response time (or close to)
Access to Trainerize at no additional fee add workouts, connect apple watch, sync MFP, add progress pictures 
Macro guide & Nutrition & Fitness 101 handbook
Community group chat for additional support 
Bench mark calls every 4 weeks to ensure progress

Workout Lesson

Online Personal Training

3-6 day workout splits customized to you with monthly progressions
Coach access for support 24/7
Weekly check-ins
24hr response time (or close to)
Access to Trainerize at no additional fee add workouts, connect apple watch, sync MFP, add progress pictures
Nutrition and fitness handbook
Community group chat
Bench mark calls every 4 weeks to talk about progress

Image by Katie Smith

Nutrition Coaching

Custom Macros
Education on how to track macros and use MFP
Nutritional tips and support
Recipes & meal ideas
Coach access for daily support
Weekly check-ins
24hr response time (or close to)
Access to Trainerize at no additional fee add workouts, connect apple watch, sync MFP, add progress pictures
Macro guide & nutrition/fitness handbook
Community group chat
Bench mark calls every 4 weeks to go over progress

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