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Relying on motivation will fail us every time.

Reaching your health and fitness goals is sort of like your job, you might not wake up motivated or feeling like you want to go to work every day but we have bills we have to pay so we do it.

We do not always feel like going to the gym or meal prepping but we have goals we want to reach so we do it anyway.

When you start a new program you are super excited but a week or 2 in that will fade. Once motivation wears off we are left to rely on the habits we've created.

Taking time to build the foundation is the most important part of the journey.

Focus on making exercise part of your routine each week whether you always feel like it or not. Make it a habit to drink a gallon of water each day, meal prep, grocery shop ect.

Once these things become a habit we will have an easier time getting them done, motivated or not.

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