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Things That Could Be Affecting Your Results

It’s not always as easy as diet and exercise.

Components of fat loss include sleep, stress, nutrition, hydration and exercise.

✨Sleep: if we aren’t sleeping our body won’t recover the way we need it to when we are strength training. Sleep also effects our hunger hormones.

✨Stress: When we are stressed cortisol levels can raise our blood sugar, creates cravings, reduces our ability to actually burn fat, increases the rate at which we store fat, and cause hormonal imbalances,

✨Nutrition: We need to be consistent when it comes to our nutrition and the only way to lose fat is a caloric deficit.

✨Hydration: Essential macronutrients such as carbohydrate, protein, fats and supporting nutrients that are used as energy for the body are all transported by fluid in the body. Fluids also help to remove the metabolic waste that is produced during intense exercise.

✨Exercise: Similar to nutrition we need a consistent routine that includes progressive overload if we want to see changes in our body comp.

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