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How To Create Sustainable Change

I know those skinny teas and keto shakes sound promising but they won’t help you reach your goals long term. Trust me I’ve been there.

I promise if you put in the consistent work you will get the results you want! AND you don’t have to be miserable doing it.

1. Eat real food AND the actual amount your body needs to have energy. You will feel so much better and it will pay off in your workouts. You will get stronger.

2. Start small. If you don’t have a current exercise routine maybe start with daily walks. It’s about creating those healthy habits. If you are going to work hard for your goals you want to sustain them!

3. push yourself and progress. Maybe you start with daily walks then add 1-2 days of resistance training and work your way up.

Fun fact: you don’t need cardio to lose body fat so if you hate it ditch it and do what you actually enjoy!! No one reaches there goals overnight so be patient and consistent

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