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Small Healthy Changes You Can Make Right Now

The only way to reach our goals is to take action. Quick fixes might seem like the easy way out but they are not sustainable. Long term it makes things a lot harder.

If you focus on the behavior change you’ll see the results you want.

No one wakes up motivated everyday, but by taking action and creating daily habits we no longer need to rely on “motivation”. Small changes you can make today:

1. park further in the parking lot or take the stairs instead.

2. sleep is super important in recovery and helps regulate our hunger hormones. Aim for 7-9 hours per night.

3. increase your water intake. I find it helpful to refill a reusable water bottle a few time per day.

4. we do not always feel like cooking after a long workday so why not just have something healthy already available. Make it the easy choice.

The most important thing is consistency! It is what we do most of the time that generates our results

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